What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is the highly intensive and rigorous training program designed to inject software craftsmanship into the aspiring, dedicated and highly potential tech undergraduates/graduates.

Gurzu with this bootcamp has come up with the mission to manage tech talents towards creative full stack engineers.

This intensive training would be provided to the passionate engineers over Ruby and React under prespecified curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the program they are expected to get an opportunity to work with the engineers at Gurzu.


Objective of Bootcamp

  • To train engineers across six different stacks who can develop world class software solutions and provide the future of software talents.
  • To develop the talents capable to comfortably switch over newer programming languages.

Build Your Career

At Gurzu, you will learn the essence of how career build-up works and the soft skills that will transform your mindset to a whole new level.

  • Collaboration Skills
  • Glimpse of IT industry’s business context
  • Sharpen Communication Skills
  • Technical Training

Who are we looking for?

We enroll 5 trainees on each stack based on the rigorous recruiting process. We review the CV, perform an aptitude test and take a final interview before recruiting. Professional experience is not required to join the bootcamp. All we require is your foundational knowledge to be strong. The eligible candidate for our bootcamp are:

  • Knowledge of how web applications work
  • Basic Knowledge of OOP, data structures and algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Good communication, strong dedication, true passion and motivation to learn
  • Self reliant problem solver and aspiring software craftsman with ability to quickly adapt changing technologies

Getting into Bootcamp

Drop in your CV


Drop in your CV

Drop in your CV


Aptitude Test

Drop in your CV


Attend an Interview

Drop in your CV


Join the Troop

Sanil Shakya,Associate Software Engineer

“ Bootcamp was a great experience for me, it helped me understand and experience actual work environment. Completing this bootcamp I realized my weaknesses and shortcomings. Mentors were super friendly. They helped us get through our problems by guiding instead of just handing out the solution. You can definitely grow your knowledge and experience through this bootcamp . My only recommendation for future would be for more variety of bootcamp like data science and devops. Also a bootcamp where you go deep into a specific aspect of software development would be great. ”

Sanil, Associate Software Engineer

Nishan Boyaju, Associate software engineer

“ Bootcamp at Gurzu Inc has been one of the best learning experiences. It has given me a solid foundation to pursue my career in web application development. The well-structured courses with proper mentorship helped me gain problem-solving skills, time management skills, and a self-learning attitude. I'm grateful to Gurzu Inc for providing me with this opportunity. ”

Nishan, Associate Software Engineer

Kiran Banmala, Associate Software Engineer

“ I am very thankful to Gurzu Inc for this wonderful Bootcamp. This Bootcamp helped me to enhance my skills as well as taught me many new skills required for today's competitive market. Best part, with good mentorship and effective course design it helped me to learn as many skills as possible in just 8 weeks of time frame. ”

Kiran, Associate Software Engineer

Anisha Karmacharya,  Associate Software Engineer

“ Gurzu Bootcamp was one of the most obliged experiences of my life. It was quite an intensive, productive and rewarding experience. This Bootcamp has pushed me to my limits and helped me discover a field where I am fit for. Gurzu Bootcamp is a great way of gaining skills which is extremely crucial for building a good career in the field of information technology ”

Anisha, Associate Software Engineer

Aki, Associate Software Engineer

“ Bootcamp at Gurzu was one of the most productive and rewarding experiences of my life. The Bootcamp sessions and milestone projects were rigorous and intense but the challenges I faced here really allowed me to learn a lot of new stuff in a shorter time frame and helped me put things in perspective, which maybe I couldn’t have learned from elsewhere. ”

Aki, Associate Software Engineer

Rishav, Associate Software Engineer

“ Bootcamp with Gurzu has reminded me how important it is to not only introspect, but to also keep learning no matter where I am in life. My mentors have been there with me in every step of the journey thus far, making sure to gently nudge me along in the right direction but making sure it is of my own accord. It has instilled in me the desire to be better at every aspect of my life, not just programming. ”

Rishav, Associate Software Engineer

Supradipta, Associate Software Engineer

“ Bootcamp at Gurzu was an invaluable experience. I learnt a lot amidst like-minded, helpful and encouraging mentors, whose time-management skills I must applaud. The intensive assignments and courses were definitely worth it in the end. ”

Supradipta, Associate Software Engineer

Sajan Basnet, Associate software engineer

“ Gurzu's bootcamp gave me the foundational knowledge and confidence to pursue my career as a software engineer. Its intensive courses, challenging assignments and co-operative mentors always kept me motivated and prepared to learn and thrive in the tech industry. ”

Sajan, Software Engineer, Ex-employee

Paras Thapa Magar, Associate Software Engineer

“ Bootcamp at Gurzu was amazing and best experience . Every thing about the Bootcamp was perfect! I get to learn a new thing in every bit of activity I carry out. If I should plot the graph of my experience so far it’d undoubtedly yield a positive graph. ”

Paras, Associate Software Engineer, Ex-employee